"To breathe life into an inanimate object or to embrace the beauty of life through the lens of a camera...I mix in some passion, a bit of innovative technology and plenty of attitude to capture that one fleeting moment forever...This is how I define my place in the art world.

"I have been so fortunate to have never lost the "little boy" in me. It is a gift to be able to see through the eyes of a child and embrace the wonderment, detail and beauty that surround us. To capture and share this magnificent moment is nothing less than extraordinary...     I Am In Awe"    ~Detlef

Detlef, the founder of DigiMorphouZ has always been a big fan of innovation and technology by embracing leading edge solutions to adapt to his vision of the future...digital technology is the ideal conduit and solution.

Detlef has adapted to the digital age by becoming fluent in Information Technology, Internet Website Development, Software Development, Robotics, Automation and Animation. He has incorporated these skills into his self taught non purist digital photographic journey and has found a niche by producing Innovative Fine Art Photography.

His professional background is in Aviation, Aeronautics, Architecture, Electro Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Digital Technology and Marketing...his strengths have always been in the adaptation of "3D Visualization" in Architectural, Electro Mechanical, Digital and Product Design.

The Attitude in Detlef's Wall Art comes from the diverse interests that define him. His work is edgy, bold, passionate and seductive...it captures your attention...it "wakes you up"!

Detlef feels that if you are not "pushing the envelope" and not breaking things every once in a while, you are not trying hard enough. This is the Attitude that Detlef has incorporated into his Innovative Fine Art Photography.

Upon emigrating from Germany as a youngster with his mother and father, his first experience in an aircraft became a childhood dream, passion and ambition. In the 60's after becoming naturalized in Boston, Detlef soon learned that you can achieve anything you wish in the "Most Magnificent Country in the World"!

His love for "excessive" speed led into Motocross racing which evolved into high speed Superbike road racing. This "addiction" for speed led into "Big Block" Corvette and 930 Turbo Porsche road racing in the New England area. In his late teens, Detlef decided that he needed more of a "rush". In spite of having an extreme fear of heights, he became an avid Sky Diver (which in time, ended up being a great decision)! Shortly thereafter, Scuba Diving became a reality...Detlef has been fortunate enough to dive in exotic venues like Martinique and Cozumel.

Upon completing his education in Boston, the childhood dream of becoming a professional commercially rated pilot became reality. Detlef became a flight instructor, test pilot and a commercial corporate pilot. As a youngster while attending an airshow, Detlef saw the Thunderbirds perform...that was it...he had to become a "stunt" pilot one day...so he did. There is no question that performing in airshows, motivational speaking and visiting kids in schools and hospitals has always been the highlight of Detlef's professional life. His passion for being hands on and helping children with special needs has been his inspiration for creating DigiVizKidz.

According to Detlef, he has never felt a bigger "rush" or a feeling of being "alive" than flying his very highly modified aircraft straight down approaching 300 mph and pulling out at 10-20 feet above the surface, and doing that while upside down pulling very high "g's"...talk about a headache!

The airshow business was extremely successful in New England and the media attention was astounding. Unfortunately the summer season is very short so in the fall of 1989 Detlef jumped into his plane, flew south, landed in Naples (only because they had a hanger available) and never went back home!

You could say that ending up in Naples was by accident...Detlef embraced Naples immediately and has made the Naples community his home ever since. Detlef continued with his airshows for a number of years...he is now in the market for a "Bigger and Badder" aircraft that will be an amazing beast!

None of these interests could have become a reality without fitness becoming a significant balancing force in Detlef's life. As a teenager, Detlef adapted easily into bodybuilding and has maintained a very high quality of life and fitness level for over 45 years. Detlef's passion for extreme flying and airshow performances would on a regular basis exceed 12 positive "g's" and 8 negative "g's" (without a "g suit")...fitness has always been a priceless health and life insurance policy.

Every print that is produced by DigiMorphouZ represents the passion that Detlef has for life. Each print also embraces life experiences that make DigiMorphouZ unique and gives his Innovative Fine Art Photography it's  Attitude!

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